January 14, 2011 | By: TJS

You May be Addicted to Narnia If...

Hello! This is a post to read if you need a bit of laughter in your day.

I found this page on The Lion's Call, and I had to read the whole thing! It's called, "You May be Addicted to Narnia If..." I laughed pretty often, as many of them reminded me of myself! A lot of them are inside Narnia jokes. :)

Here's a few I liked....

Whenever you run or walk north you think or say "Narnia and the North!"

You want to make a movie called "How The Witch Stole Christmas."

You tell Dufflepud jokes instead of blonde jokes.

You say "Further up and further in" instead of saying goodbye.

You are in a car and suddenly shout, "LAMP-POST!!!!!!"

Your passwords and usernames are Narnia-related.

Your idea of a good story is one that reminds you of Narnia.

You regularly sneak up on your horses just in case you catch them in the act of talking...

You think it's amazing that the same sun you see every day is the same one in the movies.

You get offended when someone says something against anything to do with Narnia.

You check "OTHER:" and fill in "Son of Adam/Daughter of Eve" for your race on forms.

You nickname your cat "DLF."

You were doing your Awana handbook when it asked whose poster is in your room and you said "Aslan's" and then later it asked "Do you need to replace your role model with someone more like Christ?" and you couldn't stop laughing.

You do something that your Mom says she'll pay you for, and you just say, "Buy me a ticket to VDT".

To see the whole list click here.

If you have a good answer to "You May be Addicted to Narnia If..." please comment below and add it. :)


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