January 5, 2011 | By: TJS

$300 million dollar thoughts!

The Dawn Treader has sailed to over $300 million worldwide!
According to Aslan's Country, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will probably make more than 350 million dollars!

Good: This is a lot, and I think Fox has made more than its budget, and they are happy with the outcome.

Bad: This is still shy of Prince Caspian's overall earnings of $417 million worldwide. (Below is an interesting chart showing how much each movie made daily.)

Good: The movie hasn't opened yet in Prince Caspian's largest foreign market, Japan. (I think they'll be opening on February 25.) Japan could bring lots more money to Dawn Treader, especially with all of the international promotion the movie received!

Conclusion? Go see the movie again! Douglas Gresham and other Christian reviewers say that the second time you see the movie it will become clearer how everything works together. I certainly enjoyed it more every single time I saw it! :) So go see it! And tell others about it! The word of mouth is helping! :)


Ă…riel J said...

Yay!!! Hopefully this means good news for The Silver Chair.
As a side note, having the same song start every time I click "Comment" or something on the blog is really annoying. So maybe put the songs on shuffle?

TJS said...

Yep! That's what we're waiting for... :)
You can shuffle the songs on a playlist by clicking the shuffle button, but I'm not sure if there's a way to get it to play a different song every time you open the page...

TJS said...

Haha... I figured it out. :) I put it on always-random. Now don't comment on every little thing, sister. :p

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