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Hello. I am a young lady interested in a good many things. My greatest goal is to bring honor and glory to my Heavenly Father in all that I do. The thing I am most excited about is that I am currently engaged to my best friend! :) I feel blessed beyond belief. My biggest project in the last year has been producing a full-length film based on "Pride and Prejudice," which is currently in post-production. My biggest hobby or passion, the thing that gets me all excited, is Narnia! Anything, the books, the movies, the country, the characters, or the clothing! Other hobbies include participating in musical theatre, coaching speech and debate, playing the violin, cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, and dancing! In the future, I'd like to be the best homemaker and mother I can be, to honor my husband and bring glory to God. I was homeschooled, and I plan on homeschooling my children and loving them to death. ;) I hope you love reading what I post, and more importantly, that you come to love your Creator, because He loves you! :D


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