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Happy Lately :)

Below are some Narnia-related things that have made me happy recently. Well, more than that. Excited. Giddy. That quivery inside feeling that C.S. Lewis would call Joy. Anyway… sorry this is rather long!!!!!!! :D

The Narnia Exhibition is coming to town!!! Well not really, but closer than it’s ever been. :D I got to write the story on Aslan’s Country that OMSI in Portland has been added to their schedule! I have been wanting to see the exhibition, of course, for a long time. Ever since we went on a trip across America last September and saw lots of things (including numerous museums), I have had a dream of starting the first-ever permanent Narnia Museum! Anyway, even if I never do, this will be super fun to see! I’m hoping to meet up with my friend Hannah (from Aslan’s Country) at the exhibition. Yay!

I hadn’t learned about this song until recently. It’s by Toby Mac, and it’s called “New World." It was included on the "Music Inspired by Narnia" CD, which was released right before LWW came out in theatres. Anyway, it’s not the song that brings me joy so much, it’s this video. Containing clips from both Disney Narnia movies (LWW and PC), it just completely sums up what Narnia is and what you go through when you watch those two films. It’s extremely well-edited and probably my favorite Narnia Music Video of all time. Enjoy!

Font: I just got this font called, “The King and Queen” (demonstration below), which just looks cool. I use it for my username on YouTube.

Costume Chronicles.” Have you heard of that? I found this “webzine” the end of last year when they had a Jane Austen issue. (Jane Austen is my second favorite book/movie series by the way.) One of my friends alerted me to their current issue, which is about C.S. Lewis!! They only have one article on the clothes and costumes of Narnia, which is kind of odd. But I can’t complain because the rest is really good! The editor is a Christian, and the articles are commentaries on the books, movies, and characters of Narnia, often from a Christian viewpoint. I liked what the authors had to say. There is also an article about “Jack,” one about the film, “Shadowlands” (about C.S. Lewis), and one about “Til We Have Faces,” his strangest and most adult work of fiction. You can download and read it here.

A friend lent me his four-disc version of the LWW, so I finally got to see the extended edition of the LWW! It’s basically more traveling shots, and the battle is extended. One thing I really liked is the addition of more sad kids and mothers in the train station scene. It makes you feel for more kids in England, not just the four, and yet it makes the Pevensies more real, because you realize what they’re going through actually happened to a lot of kids. They didn’t put in any of the coronation dance, which I know they shot, since it’s in the trailer and the outtakes! The best thing was the “Complete Production Experience,” which was a full movie commentary with interviews and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos going on during the movie! There’s also a movie about C.S. Lewis, which I liked. :)

I also recently watched the “Prince Caspian” cast & director commentary, which I own, but just never watched! It was very insightful and entertaining. :) I was surprised how many crew members and family members played extras! A couple parts made me laugh out loud! For example, the scene entitled, “Edmund Saves the Day” is the one where Edmund stabs the ice wall with the White Witch in it. At the end Georgie (Lucy) quoted part of the script, “Two boys. Two kings. Two failures.” Skandar (Edmund) responded, “And on the other hand, Edmund saves the day!!” Hahaha… One part I thought was interesting was that Anna (Susan) and Ben (Caspian) were glad the archery scene where Susan and Caspian are flirting was cut out. They said that, besides it being a happy scene in the middle of this intense preparing-for-battle section, it played up the romance too much; It added yet another scene developing this relationship that wasn’t even in the book. Anna said that! I was so proud. I totally agree! :)

I’ve been having fun being on YouTube and connecting with other Narniacs who make Narnia Music Videos. I wanted to get a cooler background, so I found one I liked that someone else made, then used it as a template and imported my own pictures, cropped them, and colorized them, using Photoshop. It was really fun! The sides I made fade from green to purple and on them I typed lines from the Chronicles. On the left side is the first couple sentences of each book, and on the right side are all of the last lines of each book! It was very fun to make. :D Click here to see it on YouTube. :)

I’m pretty sure It’s legal to make a digital copy of a DVD you own to put on your ipod. Well I downloaded the “Magic DVD Ripper,” which someone mentioned on YouTube, and ripped the three Narnia films!! This makes it a lot easier to make music videos (because before I had all of these trailers and film clips and stuff I’d taken from online). So this opens up wide possibilities. :D The “I’m Reading a Book” video was the first one I put online that I edited from the digital copy.

Well, I haven’t played it recently, but I really enjoy playing this tetris game on “”. You use the arrow keys to direct the pieces. There’s a lot of other Narnia games online. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on “The Games of Narnia” someday. :)

Have you ever seen the movie, “Swan Princess”? It’s loosely based on the ballet “Swan Lake,” and it has animation and songs like an old Disney film. Anyway, there’s this cute song called “This is My Idea,” where Prince Derek and Princess Odette are lamenting having to marry each other when they grow up, and all of the sudden they realize they love each other. Someone on YouTube edited a video to this song using Edmund and Lucy as they grow up in LWW and PC. It’s really cute!

And here’s a couple of pictures that I like. They're all from different places and made by different people. This first one is by my friend Nicky. It's awesome. :)

(look at the necklace!)

Wow, those pictures were random. Yep! But they are joyful!!! :)
That’s all. Have a nice day! :)


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