June 6, 2011 | By: TiannaJE

Happy Birthday, Aslan's Country!

Today is a special day in the life of Aslan's Country.com! Exactly two years ago, Matthew (and friends) launched the site, which would soon become the third largest Narnia News Blog/Website in the world.

To the right is the "Coming Soon" page... I wasn't around then, but I do remember reading AC posts years ago... especially about the new Narnia film coming out and seeing pictures of the "Dawn Treader" being built! It was very exciting for me.

June 2010 (one year ago) the site looked like this:

This was about when I met Hannah Dokupil and we started talking. I wasn't on the team until October of last year. Things I remember in my experience with AC:

Writing my first couple posts about Carrie Underwood and Joe McElderr
y's song "There's a Place for Us." with the help of AslansLily.
Reporting more and more about contests, promotional events, prescreenings and movie clips!
Spending the whole of November 30 online with Hannah and AslansLily trying to snap pictures of stars from a lousy webcam during the red-carpet portion of the World Premiere in London!

Controversy, controversy! All Narnia fans will think differently on something... here's the post that took the longest for me to write, about the reactions to Liam Neeson's quote about Aslan.

Making a "Narnia Christmas Tribute" scrapbook for the cast and crew.

Reviews piled in, then award nominations!

Watching the Box Office Tracker slowly cross 400 million!

My Dad told me first thing in the morning one day that Perry Moore, the excecutive producer of the first three Narnia films, had died. I wrote this post about him.

We heard bittersweet news that Magician's Nephew would be made next. Here are my responses to this. We are still waiting for more news on that.

I posted my movie review after seeing it the day it came out.

I posted my "double dvd pack" review after buying it the day it came out.

Our April Fools day fun! We had the funniest story and the most serious story (which everyone believed!!)

Getting Turkish Delight at Christmas and Film Cells at Easter... :)

And just fun chats and conversations on Facebook with the AC staff! You know who you are.... :D

Our site today:

Here's our current stats on social media sites. Be a fan if you are on any of them! :)

Aslan's Country Fans on Facebook: 6,313
Aslan's Country Followers on Twitter: 2308
Aslan's Country Subscribers on YouTube: 172

And don't forget to follow Aslan's Country.com if you have a Blogger account!

Why is Aslan's Country special? This is taken from our website:

Why Aslan’s Country?
In C.S. Lewis’ book The Last Battle, the children travel to Aslan’s Country. While we don’t claim to be the real Aslan’s Country, we do hope you find it to be a place where you will not only find the latest Narnia news, but also where you will feel welcomed and enjoy yourself.

Our Mission Statement:
Our goal as Aslan’s Country is to provide current and accurate Narnia news; to unite Narnia fans in a common, safe, and enjoyable environment; to provide communication, dedication, and the willingness to work with others; and ultimately to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our Commitment to an Ad-Free Website, and What It Means for Us Financially
As you browse the site, you’ll notice that we aren’t supported financially by advertisements. We believe that by not placing ads on our site, we improve our design and layout and make it easier to find the content you want and not make it distracting. However, this also means that we do not have a steady flow of income to pay the bills to keep Aslan’s Country online and serving you. If you feel led to, we would be so grateful to receive a donation from you—a way of saying “thank you” to the unpaid staff at Aslan’s Country. If you would like to make a donation, please email matthew@aslanscountry.com. Thank you so much for supporting the ongoing efforts at Aslan’s Country!


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