June 23, 2011 | By: TiannaJE

Permit me to freak out...... AAH!

Yesterday I was very upset by some news......

Walden Media Pulls Out of Narnia

Bear with me as I tell my tale.

I first saw it on Facebook on friends' news feeds...
the future of Narnia is in the balance.


So Walden Media just pulled out of the Narnia franchise. For those of you that don't understand what this means, it's like if Warner Brothers dropped out of the Harry Potter movies. Yes, it's kind of a big deal.

After I told my friend that Walden dropped out of the Narnia franchise, he sent an e-mail to Walden Media. "Hello, Would you sell me the Narnia franchise? ...Thanks!"

my first thought:

I checked with my co-workers at Aslan's Country. They were all freaking out like me. By the time I found out about it yesterday, the news was pretty old, and there was an update that the report wasn't true. It was still very unsure, with nothing settled.

I was freaking out anyway. I hate reading comments on NarniaWeb because half of the people say such horrible things that I totally don't agree with, and I'd love to just give them a talking to! For example, the first comment on the NarniaWeb story is,
Not a surprise really. Great efforts, Walden Media! But I agree it is just not meant to be right now.
AAAAAAAA! What are you thinking? Narnia has a huge fanbase, and the last movie made over 400 million! You can't stop now! You have to make the whole series!

My hope that I always held on to when talking about the future of the Narnia franchise, was that Walden Media wants to make all seven. Perry Moore was quoted as wanting to produce all seven. But then he died. I thought they would make at least one more, in honor of him! And I still held on to my opinion that Walden wanted to produce the whole series! My belief has never wavered.

Until now. Now it is shattered.

People are not surprised at all that Walden would drop Narnia. Even the slight possibility of that makes me upset!

I am content that the rumor has been contradicted by the officials at Walden Media. Our admin contacted Walden and got an official statement, which you can see in our story. This makes me happy. But why did they have to go and scare us like that? NarniaWeb didn't cite their source, and it's not April Fools Day. Who came up with this rumor? We may never know. Maybe it does have grounds. I'm not sure. I'm just glad that it has been refuted for now.

I like the story below because we're the good guys. :) No offense to NarniaWeb, I'm just proud of Aslan's Country.
Walden Out Of Narnia? ...Not So Fast
Narnia News Blog Update
Mark Sommer | 06/22/11 | News, Blogs, Narnia News

Early this morning, NarniaWeb.com reported that a source “close to the production” told them that Walden Media has pulled out of the Narnia franchise. As of this writing, they had been unable to confirm this.

However, AslansCountry.com was able to reach a Walden Media representative, who confirmed “Walden has not pulled out of the franchise. Walden and Fox and the Lewis Estate are continuing in their discussions about the next Narnia film.”

In conclusion, I am extremely glad the danger has passed, at least for now. We have still not heard the "yes" or "no" on the next film, but I hope there will be another one. Right now they're still at the stage they have been for months: negotiating about doing another film. I had a lot of emotions running through me when I heard the news, and I had to write a blog post! Thanks for reading!


Vellvin said...

Wow!! I totally freaked when I saw this!! I hope they do not leave Narnia!!

Tianna S said...

I know! I'm praying they won't!! Or that the series will still continue if they do....

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