January 24, 2011 | By: TJS

Beautiful Narnianess!

Amazon has released the official cover art for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD and Blu-ray! They are purple and beautiful! :)

The Blu-ray one has a frame (that looks like part of the Dawn Treader!) around the edges, but that's the only large difference.

The one design issue that I don't like is the Witch. Why does she have to be on there? Ok, you can put her in the trailer for advertising, since everyone knows who she is, and she didn't ruin the movie that much, but WHY put her on the cover? Caspian would have been a lot better!! Oh well. It works.

Another thing to note is that the Blu-ray copy comes with a DVD copy too (or maybe Blu-rays just play in DVD players?) and a "Digital Copy" (which means you can download it into your computer and play it on there and sync it to your ipod.) Cool!

Conclusion: The covers are both brilliantly beautiful. I approve! And they make me want to pre-order the DVD right now!!!

Here are the links to see them on Amazon: DVD ~ Blu-ray.
January 17, 2011 | By: TJS

Dawn Treader Soundtrack

The soundtrack for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader isn't that noticeable at first. Which is how soundtrack music should be. Of course it does have some of those "big hero theme/epic battle music" moments, which you notice, but the music works as a team with what you're seeing on screen. After seeing the movie multiple times, I've come to love the music a lot. It really is perfect for the film, and the themes are a good balance of new themes and a few old themes. I agree with the review I've included part of down below. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know, in case you're interested in hearing the soundtrack, that it is available to listen to on Grooveshark. Grooveshark is a site where people upload their music so that they have it wherever they are. But it benefits other people who want to hear a song before they buy it or just have a playlist of music on while they're working online. I personally don't want to listen to it on Grooveshark because I want it to be new and fresh when I buy it and hear the CD for the first time. :) Speaking of buying the soundtrack, here's a couple links: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

And here's some news on the Soundtrack: Click here to read a story from Aslan's Country containing two reviews of the soundtrack (part of which i've pasted below) and an interview with the composer, David Arnold. In the interview he talks a bit about the musicians who play the music. Did you know they don't see it until they show up to rehearse it for about 5 minutes, then record it? Wow. They're pretty talented. Read the interview for more. :)

From Mfiles: Stylistically Arnold’s music is different Gregson-Williams’ but clearly from the same genre, so it feels like the new music is an evolution rather than a revolution for the Narnia series. The first thing you may notice about Arnold’s music is that much of it is quiet and gentle – a refreshing change from the relentlessly dark fantasy scores we have come to expect recently. Nevertheless this helps to reinforce the magical element of the C. S. Lewis books, and musically it allows the whole orchestra to shine. Rather than the heavy use of brass and strings, we can hear some much subtler orchestration with woodwind, percussion and harp shining through. Secondly although there is recurring thematic material, this is not one of those scores which constantly reiterates a single main theme. The effect is that the music is traditional but inventive, totally supportive of the film and yet carefully avoiding genre cliches.

Arnold’s new thematic material is a group of ideas presented in the “Opening Titles” with a characteristic descending figure. “The Painting” briefly turns darker with some rhythmic material before resolving back to the main theme, while “High King and Queen of Narnia” establishes the film’s place in the world of Narnia with a short recap of Gregson-Williams’ Narnia theme. Arnold’s new main theme recurs in various guises throughout the score (e.g. “Land Ahoy” and “Eustace On Deck”). “Reepicheep” and “Lord Bern” are excellent examples of the magical understated orchestration, with the harp arpeggiating the main theme in the latter. “Temptation of Lucy” is perhaps the lightest track of all, with harp, celeste and gentle woodwind creating a most ethereal cue. One of the consequences of keeping the score quietly in the background is that you get maximum contrast when the mood changes, for example “The Lone Island” is mostly quiet with a brief action interlude – a great contrast. Similarly there are some dark moments in “The Green Mist” which features some choral writing.
January 14, 2011 | By: TJS

You May be Addicted to Narnia If...

Hello! This is a post to read if you need a bit of laughter in your day.

I found this page on The Lion's Call, and I had to read the whole thing! It's called, "You May be Addicted to Narnia If..." I laughed pretty often, as many of them reminded me of myself! A lot of them are inside Narnia jokes. :)

Here's a few I liked....

Whenever you run or walk north you think or say "Narnia and the North!"

You want to make a movie called "How The Witch Stole Christmas."

You tell Dufflepud jokes instead of blonde jokes.

You say "Further up and further in" instead of saying goodbye.

You are in a car and suddenly shout, "LAMP-POST!!!!!!"

Your passwords and usernames are Narnia-related.

Your idea of a good story is one that reminds you of Narnia.

You regularly sneak up on your horses just in case you catch them in the act of talking...

You think it's amazing that the same sun you see every day is the same one in the movies.

You get offended when someone says something against anything to do with Narnia.

You check "OTHER:" and fill in "Son of Adam/Daughter of Eve" for your race on forms.

You nickname your cat "DLF."

You were doing your Awana handbook when it asked whose poster is in your room and you said "Aslan's" and then later it asked "Do you need to replace your role model with someone more like Christ?" and you couldn't stop laughing.

You do something that your Mom says she'll pay you for, and you just say, "Buy me a ticket to VDT".

To see the whole list click here.

If you have a good answer to "You May be Addicted to Narnia If..." please comment below and add it. :)
January 6, 2011 | By: TJS

The Music Videos of Narnia

Here is a collection of the best Narnia Music Videos out there, including the official ones and my favorite fan-made music videos. Enjoy!

LWW: Steven Curtis Chapman: “Remembering You”
I found this one on Narnia.com one day and loved it ever since… especially the fast-paced clips around 2:43! I appreciate that the artist is a Christian, and that the song is thoughtful and moving, but exciting, and it sounds a lot like a song you would hear on Christian radio.

PC: Switchfoot: “This is Home”
I’m not as impressed with this artist or song. The song is pretty cool, and I think it captures the spirit of Narnia being the Pevensies’ second home, but the singers are a bit rock-and-roll-y. The video is pretty cool though. :)

VDT: Carrie Underwood: “There’s a Place for Us”
She actually wrote the song for the movie (It plays during the credits), but never made an official music video for it. Maybe that’s why: because it was written for the credits. Below is a video montage of her recording the song with movie clips edited in. It's short, but emotional! :D I think it works perfectly for the movie. I really love this song!

Several other international artists recorded “There’s a Place for Us” by request of Fox (to get more publicity for the movie worldwide). For their music videos, they each have the same set (the picture frame with the water) and movie clips, but a different feel and outfit. They're pretty odd, so I'm not posting them. :)

VDT: Fan Made: Scott Krippayne: “Voyage”
I edited this music video to a song inspired by the Dawn Treader movie and written by Christian artist Scott Krippayne. I finished it in November before the movie came out, using all of the trailers and clips that had been released: hence the poor quality and quantity. :)

PC: Fan Made: Mark Schultz: “You are a Child of Mine”
Most of the fan music videos online are poor quality or poorly edited. However, my sister found this user, babybiz87, who has uploaded some Narnia music videos and is very good at editing to the beats of the music. Here is my favorite one of hers: It brings to the forefront Prince Caspian’s search for a relationship with Aslan and his finding out that Aslan knew him all along.

LWW: Fan Made: Casting Crowns: “Voice of Truth”
I couldn’t find a LWW music video that I liked (besides the official one), so here’s a LWW character music video. It’s about Peter Pevensie’s journey and his aim to do right and listen to Aslan’s voice. This is one of my favorite songs; it’s so uplifting! They also use a lot of my favorite clips from my favorite movie! :)

Which one was your favorite? Do you have a favorite Narnia music video I haven’t listed? Please comment! I love hearing from other Narnia fans! :)
January 5, 2011 | By: TJS

$300 million dollar thoughts!

The Dawn Treader has sailed to over $300 million worldwide!
According to Aslan's Country, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will probably make more than 350 million dollars!

Good: This is a lot, and I think Fox has made more than its budget, and they are happy with the outcome.

Bad: This is still shy of Prince Caspian's overall earnings of $417 million worldwide. (Below is an interesting chart showing how much each movie made daily.)

Good: The movie hasn't opened yet in Prince Caspian's largest foreign market, Japan. (I think they'll be opening on February 25.) Japan could bring lots more money to Dawn Treader, especially with all of the international promotion the movie received!

Conclusion? Go see the movie again! Douglas Gresham and other Christian reviewers say that the second time you see the movie it will become clearer how everything works together. I certainly enjoyed it more every single time I saw it! :) So go see it! And tell others about it! The word of mouth is helping! :)