January 24, 2011 | By: TJS

Beautiful Narnianess!

Amazon has released the official cover art for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD and Blu-ray! They are purple and beautiful! :)

The Blu-ray one has a frame (that looks like part of the Dawn Treader!) around the edges, but that's the only large difference.

The one design issue that I don't like is the Witch. Why does she have to be on there? Ok, you can put her in the trailer for advertising, since everyone knows who she is, and she didn't ruin the movie that much, but WHY put her on the cover? Caspian would have been a lot better!! Oh well. It works.

Another thing to note is that the Blu-ray copy comes with a DVD copy too (or maybe Blu-rays just play in DVD players?) and a "Digital Copy" (which means you can download it into your computer and play it on there and sync it to your ipod.) Cool!

Conclusion: The covers are both brilliantly beautiful. I approve! And they make me want to pre-order the DVD right now!!!

Here are the links to see them on Amazon: DVD ~ Blu-ray.


Ă…riel J said...

I wish they would've made Eustace more prominent.

TJS said...

Yes, but this is the Pevensies' last movie. I'm glad they're up front, since they're currently most people's favorite characters. If they do SC, Eustace and Jill will be most prominent, I think!

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