My Narnia Videos

I started making Narnia Music videos in 2010. My first video was to "Voyage" by Scott Krippayne, using footage from all of the VDT trailers and clips. It was so fun to edit, and I was so proud of it! This video is what started my Narnia editing career.

Next I made two fun videos for one of my friends who worked for Aslan's Country. One was about Lucy and Edmund, the other about Georgie and Skandar. Then I started making videos to Christian songs, entered a couple contests, tried out different emotions, made a couple birthday videos, created a MN fan trailer, hosted a contest, and made a Christmas Tribute. You can see them all on my YouTube Channel: Narnia Music Vids.

My most popular video currently has 65,598 views... I have no idea why. It must have gotten featured on some websites. Anyway, it's a fun combination of the LWW and PC outtakes to a fun dancy song. Enjoy! :)

Nowadays I don't have time to edit Narnia videos anymore. It's sort of sad, but perhaps it was just a phase. I still have a list of songs and ideas that I never made. Maybe I could do it on sick days in bed. You never know! :)

{June 30, 2012}


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