March 31, 2011 | By: Unknown

One Week Until the Awesomeness!!!

In exactly one week, God willing, I will be holding my very own “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” two-disc DVD!!!!!!!!!

I am hoping to go to Walmart on April 8 to buy one. I’d like to see if the DVD really has a different case than the Blu-ray, which would not be fair. The Blu-ray case is gorgeous!! (As I explained in my post, Beautiful Narnianess.) I’ll also check the prices. If it is a LOT more at Walmart than Amazon, I’ll probably buy it at Amazon and get it on Tuesday. (with free 2 day shipping! ) :D

In preparation for the release, many AC stories have mentioned promotions and new websites, etc. Not as much as right before the movie came out in theatres, but you can definitely tell that they’ve picked up their marketing again. Here are a few links to check out:

The official site advertising the Easter release of the Dawn Treader. It includes a new official trailer exclusively for the release, and ecards with mix-n-match backgrounds and quotes that you can send to friends!

An Italian site that is offering Reepicheep plush toys. (Oh, yeah!)

A new DVD trailer featuring a family who is literally immersed in Narnia!

A couple of Behind-the-Scenes clips (most of which will be included on the DVD) have also appeared online…

Four clips are available for download on itunes: An interview with Georgie and Will. An interview with Liam Neeson. An interview with Michael Apted. And the Making-of the Transition to Narnia painting scene. The last is the coolest!

Moving Pictures Company has posted a video on the VFX side of making Dragon Eustace. There’s also one from Prince Caspian about Reepicheep.

Since the DVD and Blu-ray premiered in Brazil yesterday, some deleted scene clips have shown up. For example, a clip called “Mutiny,” which is mentioned in the disc descriptions. Also, someone mentioned on Facebook a scene where Lucy is dressed in boy’s clothes and Caspian teases her, saying, “Hey lad, you haven't seen a young girl anywhere?”

On a related note, someone mentioned they can’t wait to see these scenes put where they belong when the Director’s Cut version is released. This sounds exciting! Is she just guessing? Or will there actually be a “Director’s Cut” or and “Extended Version”? 


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