December 9, 2011 | By: TiannaJE

Anniversary of the LWW film!

What's special about today? Well, six years ago on this date, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe came out in theatres! This was the first Narnia film produced by Walden Media and Walt Disney Pictures, and it happens to be my favorite. :)

What is special about it? For me, it really brought Narnia to life! I was an avid Narnia fan before then, having read the books growing up, had the paper dolls and calendar, etc. I had watched the BBC Narnia films a few times, but not often enough to make them classics in our house.

I remember watching the LWW trailer for the first time online. The part I remember (besides the excitement that one of my favorite stories was coming to life on screen so beautifully and wonderfully) was thinking the Stone Table scene with the witch looked scary. Haha!

I saw the film for the first time with some friends on December 15th, 2005. As the logos faded away and dark clouds appeared, I remember squeezing my friend's hand and thinking, "This is gonna be good!!!!"

And boy, was it good! It was so faithful to the book! Every part of it was absolutely magical! The story of salvation was so clear in Aslan's sacrifice for Edmund. I fell in love with the Narnian dresses (and the 40's clothes too)! The kids were all so perfect for their parts, the music was awesome, the cinematography was awesome, and everything else!!

I saw the movie twice more in theatres (that was the first time I'd seen any movie in theatres more than once!), once on Christmas Eve, and again in January. The movie made 745 million dollars worldwide altogether!

It was an amazing movie. I was so glad they did such an amazing job transferring this book to film. And I think it will remain a classic for a long while! You will love it whether you're a life-long Narnia fan like me or not!

Some more fun to celebrate today:

What's your favorite scene from LWW? Vote at NarniaWeb!

Here's a Narnia Music Video I made in honor of LWW earlier this year. Enjoy!

And one more thing (as a reward for reading all the way to the end ;)), here's the "Super Trailer" for LWW that was released a little while after the first official trailer. It has lots more in it. It basically tells the whole story of the movie in nine minutes. I love the music and the clips used at the end, (starting around 7:00)! Aahh! I love this movie. :D


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